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Community Based Rehabilitation Programme

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According to WHO, community-based rehabilitation is a comprehensive strategy for involving people with disabilities in the development of their communities and seeks to ensure that disabled people have equal access to rehabilitation and other services and opportunities-health, education, and income-like all other members of society. Community-based rehabilitation is implemented through the combined efforts of disabled persons themselves, their families, and communities.

How does the Nitya Foundation help?
Nitya Foundation is one of the best NGOs in India that not only concentrates on the poor people or discriminated people but also on the people with disabilities, therefore the programs launched aim the rehabilitation of disabled people in the areas of health, education, conscientization, skill development/ employment, and group formations. Under this program, Nitya Foundation reaches out to more than 3000 disabled people in the slums and resettlement colonies.

Importance of Community Rehabilitation

As we know the rehabilitation aims to maximize the potential to restore a person who is facing disability or incapacity for work as a result of a severe injury or disease to at least the same physical and mental state, and at least the same social, vocational, and educational status, as that person had before the disability.

The main focus of rehabilitation is on:

1) Achieving as much physical and psychological recovery as much possible;

2) Rebuilding social connectedness to family and community;

3) Learning to understand and self-manage physical and mental health conditions to the best of the person's ability;

4) Reducing the human and economic cost of disability for ADF members, former members, their families, and the broader community.

Why is Nitya Foundation one of the best NGOs for Community Rehabilitation?

Nitya Foundation is one of the best NGOs for community rehabilitation in Delhi NCR, India. As it is very important to maintain the mental health of the people with some kind of disabilities because in most the cases disabilities, results in losing a person's confidence level and will to do something out of the box, therefore it is very important to guide them, make them believe that they are less than none, they can do the things that even a common person can't, and to do this many workshops and awareness camps are conducted by the esteemed NGO.

Nothing is wrong with dreaming of something big, something out of the box therefore the Nitya Foundation, the best NGO in Delhi NCR, India, not only focuses on rehabilitation but also trains them in the field they want to learn and helps them in achieving their dreams.

Many workshops have been organized to date and we are planning for more. Nothing can be better than helping the one who needs it.







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