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CSR Partners

CSR for corporates

CSR Partners 

CSR is a form of self-regulation by National & International corporates that aims to support societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by supporting or undertaking volunteer work. Once upon a time CSR could be understood as an internal policy of an organization or a strategy for corporate ethics, and Nitya Foundation has collaborated with many corporates in doing CSR for them, and also we are one of the best NGOs for CSR in India.
CSR also plays a very important role in a Country's development. By taking social responsibility seriously, 
 Nitya Foundation is a trusted NGO Based in India/ Delhi any corporates can choose to do CSR. it also helps in better brand recognition for the Corporates as well as greater ability to attract talent and retain staff.  CSR-driven corporates position themselves better on the market and develop a better image quickly. Sustainability is regarded as an imperative to CSR not only as a means to conserve natural resources but also as a means to reduce energy costs that positively affect the bottom line. Nitya foundation is actively working with Many organizations for doing CSR for Corporates and Nitya Foundation is one of the best NGOs based in Delhi NCR. so let's start doing something good for society let's be a change in our developing community of Delhi NCR and India. 








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  • Ved Chaudhary Ved Chaudhary Php Developer

    "Nitya Foundation is a Organization who helps Poor."

  • Azara Praveen Azara Praveen Social Worker

    "I am thankful to Nitya Foundation and thier team for kind help for the placement of the Minority Girls"

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