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Trees, which are the most essential component of our life, filter the water we drink, clean the air we breathe, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. The economic viability of planting trees as a climate crisis solution is also a factor. As little as 10 cents and 15 seconds can be spent on the planting of one tree. Trees lower the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease climate change by taking carbon dioxide from the air, storing it in the soil and trees, and expelling oxygen into the atmosphere as they grow. In order to make room for farms and other uses, an estimated 420 million hectares (one billion acres) of forest have been destroyed since 1990. However, countries are utilizing nature-based solutions to address man-made industrial emissions by reforestation—the planting of new trees in already-existing forests—and afforestation—the planting of trees in regions that had never before been covered by trees.
Our tree plantation program tackles global crises i.e. Climate Change.  We have continued our focus on protecting our environment by planting trees.

When it comes to ecology, tree plantation may do a lot for us-

1. Cutting down greenhouse gas emissions :

Climate change, the biggest issue facing the globe today, is exacerbated by harmful CO2, but trees aid in battling it. They take in CO2, scavenge it from the atmosphere, and then store it while releasing oxygen.

2. Water Conservation :

Low vegetation will allow water to slowly evaporate due to the shade they provide. Trees discharge between 200 and 450 gallons of water per day and require about 15 water gallons each week to live.

3. Prevent water pollution :

Rainfall is broken up by trees, allowing water to sink into the soil and enter the earth. As a result, they stop runoff from damaging the ocean. Green infrastructure, such as a green roof, can mitigate the effects of rainwater in places where trees cannot.


4. Giving a home for wildlife :

Given that they serve as both a food supply and a natural habitat for wildlife, trees also help to increase biodiversity. Oak and sycamore trees are the most frequently planted as habitats for birds, squirrels, and bees.


5. Renewable Energy Source :

Fossil fuels are currently one of the largest global challenges. Nowadays, everyone is concentrating on adopting renewable energy sources. Trees have the potential to be an excellent renewable energy source if they are managed appropriately. They are easy to use, have been there forever, and, with careful forest management, may make wonderful eco-friendly fuel.

There are numerous benefits of planting trees. It will not only contribute to helping fight climate change but will also restore the quality of life in our community. 


Since the inception of the Nitya Foundation, we have planted thousands of trees in different states across pan India and we work towards implementing various programs on social forestry, and community forestry. We also aim to raise nurseries of various plants and to conduct various environmental awareness programs.
The overall development of our country and its citizens is something we are dedicated to. In India’s Delhi NCR, we are the top social organization, with our primarily focused issues related to poverty in India, child development, women’s empowerment, skill development, education for underprivileged and street children, health programs, environmental protection, consumer awareness, elderly care, rural development programs, slum development, etc. In our opinion at Nitya, a good, purposeful, and dignified life is something every individual has the right to. Therefore, we aim for a wholesome upliftment and do not restrict ourselves to some particular issues. We do believe that with time, society and its needs change, and hence, we’ve kept our horizons open to deal with every challenge to make our nation shine!



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