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Health, Livelihood, Cancer Patients, Blind Person, And Cataract Surgery


Best NGO in India that organizes Health Programmes

Health care is conventionally regarded as an important determinant in promoting the general physical, mental, and social well-being of people around the world and can contribute to a significant part of a country’s economy, development, and industrialization when efficient.

Unfortunately, the health sector is continuing to be neglected by the authorities in developing countries like India, even though it is a crucial segment of Development. Improvement in the quality of life of the target group entails improvement in their health status. Considering the unhealthy environment in which the people of slums and resettlement colonies live and their high susceptibility to a large number of common and epidemic diseases, health aspects have always been part of the Nitya Foundation’s development program. If you want to donate then you can donate for Health, Livelihood, Cancer patients, blind people, and cataract surgery in Delhi NCR, India on the option given below.

Be a part of these health programs by donating to the needy. Your small help can give a new life to someone, do move forward to take the initiative.

cancer is one of the most dangerous and spreading illnesses today, and the cure for this illness is way too expensive that many people can’t afford it and die. Nitya Foundation is one of the best NGOs in Delhi NCR, India, that spreads awareness and screening, saving lives through emotional & financial support to patients, and offering financial aid for poor cancer patients. The fund plays a vital role in this, therefore the donation of people gets utilized here. Can you imagine that your small amount is saving someone’s life? Give them a chance to fight. Donate to give medical support to poor cancer patients and give them a new life.

The essential target of the association is the Celebration of life by grasping visual impairment and not considering Nitya Foundation for the Blind was set up to give some assistance to the visually impaired. Our association accepts visual deficiency isn’t an impediment yet an open door to observing the world and living in it distinctively and interestingly. We will probably give exclusive expectations of government assistance, and uphold the outwardly impeded through training, business, grants, and convenience to advance their freedom, nobility, and personal satisfaction. Free Medicine


you can donate to them and be a light for the person who is living in darkness. Blood Donation
Donate For Blind people through the Nitya Foundation, one of the best NGOs in Delhi NCR, India, and change their lives entirely


We would like to make economical, self-guided, participative changes to dazzle individuals’ lives, be it through instructing how to peruse and compose Braille or giving admittance to a Braille library, and over the long haul furnish backing measures with the Government of India to advance improved approach making or through budgetary help it to be an obstacle.

85% of the 12 million outwardly disabled in India can be restored by a straightforward activity that costs Rs. 2500 and takes just 15 minutes to perform. A straightforward waterfall medical procedure not only reestablishes vision, it also reestablishes nobility. Regularly it helps the older beginning win again consequently diminishing their reliance on others. Nitya Foundation encourages 15,000-30,000 free waterfall tasks each year. We compose “Eye Screening and Cataract Activity Camps” for the association to give the most extreme preferred position through media and press. You can Donate For Cataract Surgery in Delhi NCR, India through the Nitya Foundation one of the best NGOs in Delhi NCR, India.

The focus of community health intervention is to prevent rather than treat a disease through the promotion of healthy behaviors. The important public health issues addressed by the Nitya Foundation are general health, eye care, and mother and child care health.


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