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Ministry Of Culture

Ministry Of Culture

"Best NGO for CSR in India: Nitya Foundation"
Ministry of Culture Government of India:

Ministry of Culture Government of India:

Twenty-nine states and Seven union territories make up our nation India. Our country has a colossal diversity of artistic expression and linguistic varieties. According to the census 2011, there are thirty-four languages spoken by more than millions of speakers and one hundred twenty-two languages spoken by more than ten thousand people in the country. The ministry of culture is crucial to any country’s growth strategy. It stands for a collection of common beliefs, ideals, and behaviors. Almost all economic, social, and other activities exhibit examples of culture and innovation.The Ministry of Culture’s mandate emphasizes tasks such as protecting and promoting all forms of art and culture, also preserving and conserving our cultural legacy. The Ministry’s job is to establish and maintain strategies for ensuring that people’s aesthetic and creative sensitivities are alive and well. This Ministry’s functional range is broad, encompassing anything from fostering cross-cultural understanding at the local level to encouraging cultural exchanges on a global scale. The Ministry engages in a variety of activities that stem from the topics allotted by the Government of India’s Allocation of Business Rules in order to accomplish these goals.

Schemes for Cultural Development of India:

Through its many programs, India’s culture ministry preserves our cultural history and supports all types of art and culture, both tangible and ethereal. The various schemes of the ministry are the Scheme of financial assistance under Sewa Bhoj Yojna, the Scheme of financial assistance for the promotion of art and culture, the Scheme of financial assistance for the creation of rural infrastructure, the Scheme of scholarship and fellowship and for promotion of art and culture, Scheme of financial assistance for veteran artists, Scheme for promotion of culture and science, Scheme for safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage, Global engagement scheme, Indian conservation fellowship program, and Centenary and Anniversary Celebrations Scheme.

What fits the Nitya Foundation the best?

One of the best non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India for social justice and empowerment is the Nitya Foundation, which not only supports new concepts and studies but also works to implement the plans and programs of the Ministry of Culture.

Nitya Foundation supports cultural development through its various initiatives and projects-

  •  Skill Training
  • Tuition for Rural/Slum
  • Tree Plantation
  • Environment Awareness Program
  • Counseling of School Dropout Students & Their Parents
  • Legal Awareness Camps
  • Consumer Awareness Seminars
  • Health Awareness Camps
  • Research projects in culture
  • Conducting cultural program activities for fundraising

How is the Nitya Foundation helping with the schemes?

Nitya foundation, the best NGO in India, through its various programs, is spreading awareness about the schemes by visiting the people, conducting surveys, making people aware of the schemes related to their problem, and supporting them in applying for the scheme the benefit of the people.

About Nitya Foundation:

Nitya Foundation is the Best NGO in Delhi NCR, endeavoring for the growth of the nation & its people. Our core focus is on Child Development, Women Empowerment, Skill Development, Education for poor & Street Children, Health programs, Environment protection, Consumer awareness, Elderly care, Rural development programs, Slum development, Donate for Livelihood, etc.Thus, we uplift the schemes by the Government & get involved in the Ministry of Minority affairs Project to aid the minorities so they can get access to all the rights they deserve.Since the beginning, Nitya Foundation is trying to participate in all the welfare programs fulfilling the dreams of thousands by providing meals, education, & certain necessities.We aim for the upliftment of society & minorities, & we also encourage you to participate in these welfare programs.With a great community, we can achieve a milestone by helping the poor, and minorities, & empowering women to stay up for their rights.
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