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NGO-Internship Plan in Nitya Foundation
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NGO-Internship Plan in Nitya Foundation :

Welcome to Nitya Foundation, where passion meets purpose! Embark on a rewarding journey with our unpaid NGO internships in Delhi. Our commitment to fostering positive change empowers you to make a tangible impact while gaining invaluable experience. Explore the dynamic realm of social service through hands-on projects and initiatives, contributing to real-world solutions.

At Nitya Foundation, we understand the importance of nurturing future changemakers. Whether you’re seeking on-site or online NGO internships, our diverse opportunities cater to your skills and interests. Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and personal growth.

Join us in creating a meaningful difference. Discover the power of your potential with Nitya Foundation—your gateway to impactful internships and a transformative experience. Explore the possibilities and be a catalyst for change. Apply now for an internship that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting imprint on the community we serve.



    Envisioning a transformed India, a nation and society free from poverty and ignorance, where every citizen enjoys their fundamental rights without inequality. This vision encompasses access to quality education, nutritious food, healthcare, and adequate shelter for all individuals. It is a collective effort to build a better India that empowers women and fosters self-dependence. Together, we strive to create an inclusive society that guarantees basic well-being, education, empowerment, and equality to every citizen.”Nitya Foundation envisions creating positive and lasting impacts by fostering education, healthcare, and sustainable development, uplifting communities, and empowering individuals to thrive in a compassionate and inclusive world.


    To build a more compassionate and thriving society by ensuring access to basic necessities for every underprivileged individual. We strive to serve as a collaborative partner, working alongside schools, NGOs, corporates, and government agencies to implement impactful programs throughout India. Through our collective efforts, we aim to uplift and empower marginalized communities, providing them with essential resources and opportunities. By fostering collaboration and leveraging partnerships, we are dedicated to creating a beautiful and equitable society where every individual can lead a dignified life.

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