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Rural development remains the cornerstone of the country’s overall development. More than two-thirds of people in rural India depend on agriculture for their livelihood, yet a third of them still live in poverty. To increase people’s living standards, the government must therefore supply enough amenities and furnish them in a timely manner. For both the majority of people who live in rural areas and the country’s overall economic growth, rural development is essential.
Now, in the country,  rural development is thought to be of noticeably greater importance than in earlier times in the process of the nation’s growth. Improved productivity, more socioeconomic equality and aspiration, and stability in social and economic development are all goals of this strategy.
The main goal is to make enough nutritious food available and reduce the starvation that affects around 70% of the rural population. The secondary responsibility is to ensure that there is an adequate supply of clothing and footwear, a clean home and surroundings, medical treatment, recreational activities, education, transportation, and communication.

The term “rural development” focuses on the steps taken to develop rural areas and boost their economies. However, there are just a few industries that demand new initiatives and closer focus:
Health Promotion and Sanitation
empowerment of women
infrastructure construction (electricity, irrigation, etc.)
Facilities for agricultural research and extension
The accessibility of credit
Workplace possibilities

In addition to these sectors, there are other aspects of rural development that call for fresh initiatives and more focused attention-

Infrastructure : 

Infrastructure which includes paved roads, a steady supply of energy, and access to transportation, is directly related to the degree of development in a rural area. Due to these causes, governmental entities have been able to reduce connectivity issues in some locations. As a result, there has been an improvement in the efficiency of agricultural output supplied to markets in the Indian subcontinent. Therefore, there are more options for rural folks to make money.

Education :

It should go without saying that the degree of education is crucial to the general development of rural communities. The main benefit of education is that it exposes a person to novel and innovative ideas that can help them become more socially adept. Discrimination between the rural and urban populations can be avoided by educating the rural population at a young age. They can therefore choose from a wide variety of jobs in numerous industries and businesses.

Healthcare :

It goes without saying that rural development in India includes a significant portion of healthcare. The rural population is frequently at risk for illnesses that can be prevented with the right healthcare practices. Additionally, this directly boosts their productivity.

Technology :

Technology’s contribution to rural development is undeniable. First of all, modern manufacturing techniques can actively increase output rates across a variety of industries, enabling a notable development of economic activity in rural areas. The strategy, on the other hand, considerably reduces irrigation and quality issues. The availability of relevant technological instruments like tractors and pumps is therefore a significant factor in determining whether rural development occurs.

Access to sanitary amenities and clean, potable water is also necessary for rural communities to develop. The availability of sustainable healthcare services and equal employment opportunities will benefit rural populations. The Nitya Foundation has been working to advance national development and has consistently backed causes that are the main contributors to the country’s underdevelopment and poverty. In order to help the country thrive holistically, we are working relentlessly on topics like education, health, women’s empowerment, environmental protection, technology development, and skilled labor.

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