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Vocational Training:

Vocational Training:

vocational training

Vocational Training refers to the instructional program that prepares you for an occupation that requires a specialized skill, such as a technician, artisan, or tradesperson.

How is it beneficial?

Vocational Training from one of the best NGOs in India will be very beneficial for each individual as it not only trains the person in a particular field but also helps the person to get a good placement.

It is particularly beneficial for the people who are not that educated that they can get a job and are entirely dependent on others for their livelihood. Specifically females( widows, divorcees, or unmarried women). This training is not only for females but also the men who want to earn well but don’t have any particular skill or education and others.

Nitya Foundation is one of the best NGO in India, It provides the best vocational training by experts and experienced trainers. Our main focus is on the present situations or circumstances that people are facing in the real world like poverty, discrimination, racism, lack of justice, etc. Nitya Foundation is the best NGO in India as we not only support people, and help them with their requirements but also make them aware of the schemes under the ministry and help them apply for the suitable scheme.

Vocational Training includes:

  1.  Embroidery
  2. Art and Craft
  3. Beautician
  4. Technician
  5. Computer Training
  6. Educational
  7. Tourism etc.

Nitya Foundation is one of the best NGOs that provide all the short-term training under vocational training with the best trainers with most of the most positive outcomes.

Many workshops have been organized to date and we are planning for more.

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